Isuzu D-Max X-Series Launched At Carlist Drive: Auto Fair 2018 [+Videos]

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Isuzu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has introduced their limited edition, Isuzu D-Max X-Series which should be very appealing to those who are looking for an urban sports concept pick-up truck. The vehicle was unveiled by the Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia for Light Commercial Vehicle, Masayuki Suzuki at the Carlist Drive Autofair 2018 event at Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam. Here’s the launch video…

The key exterior upgrades include an athletic front skirting with a dual tone of red highlight that gives a much bolder appearance. The sporty rear skirting is designed together with the aero sport bars to further enhance its metropolitan energetic look.

Other exterior accessories package for this limited edition version includes the exclusive red Isuzu logo badge at the car rear tailgate with X-Series emblem. At the front, the changes include a grey coloured front grille with red Isuzu logo which enhances its sporty charm. Here’s the on-site 360-deg walkaround video…

The signature identity for this limited edition, Isuzu D-Max X-Series, is its body decal which cannot be found on their standard variant. A sporty stripe design has been added to its bonnet surface as well as at the tailgate.

Owners of this Isuzu D-Max X-Series will get to enjoy the welcome light which comes as a standard feature for this limited edition variant. The welcome light will come on upon unlocking the car. A white spotlight will be activated and projected onto the ground for 30 seconds.

The Isuzu D-Max X-Series also offers extended standard accessories including features like 360° Around View Monitor (AVM) system (above), built in in-car electronic tag and honeycomb shape stitched leather car seat. The AVM is a new feature that makes use of four exterior cameras in order to have a bird’s eye view for increased safety. This bird’s eye view cameras helps the driver see objects surrounding the vehicle, especially the presence of short objects that might not be visible from the driver’s seat otherwise.

As for the built-in tag (above), this feature is useful for drivers in paying and passing the toll. The Touch N Go card needs to be slotted into the reader which is located inside the arm rest. It works just like an in-car electronic tag whereby the screen will show the card balance and it will release a beeping sound once the card balance is below RM10.

The other prominent changes for this limited edition are the red colour LED interior accent light and LED illuminator rocker plate. These functions heighten the premium feel for both the driver and the passengers. The red light will toggle automatically as the door is unlocked and opened. It also helps in improving visibility inside the cabin in dark conditions.

At the launch, Isuzu Malaysia Chief Operating Officer for Light Commercial Vehicle, Masayuki Suzuki said that he is pleased to introduce the signature X-Series marque into the Malaysian market at such an opportune time. “Since the tax holiday with zero-rated GST started, demand for Isuzu D-Max especially has increased tremendously due to the fact that the pick-up is priced 6% lower, a significant reduction. The consumers should take advantage of the situation to book one today, seeing the X-Series is only produced in a limited number,” he added.

The new limited edition vehicles are expected to appear at Isuzu’s Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia showrooms on first week of August onwards. However the public will be able to test drive one at the launch event at Setia Alam Convention Centre until 29 July 2018.

The price of this limited edition Isuzu D-Max X-Series is RM118,000.00 for 2.5L and RM124,000.00 for 3.0L off the road without insurance (Peninsular Malaysia). It is available in two colours; Silky Pearl White and Stallion Black Metallic. Every purchase of the X-Series comes with a premiums pack consisting of exclusive X-Series sling bag, tumbler, key chain and Touch N Go card.

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