Top things to prepare before driving anywhere this Hari Raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is less than one week away and already folks are getting on the roads for that ‘balik kampung’ trip to meet up with their loved ones. We all know that the Raya exodus can get a bit crazy but navigation app, Waze, will hopefully make things a bit easier with their traffic predictions.

First things first. Waze has predicted that there will be MORE Malaysians on the road this year compared to last year. According to their data collected back in 2018, the app believes that there will an increase of 18% of active road users as compared to a normal week.

That might seem like a small number but try eating five burgers in one seating and then try eating another one. Bad things happen if you don’t plan and prep for the adventure (both driving and trying to eat six burgers at one time).

Prediction number 2 – Waze forecasts that not only will there be more Malaysians on the road, but they will spend more time travelling as well. An average Malaysian spends around 72 minutes per day on the road but come Raya week, that figure will probably shoot up to 83 minutes.

Driving distance will also increase since most of us want to gather with our families and friends during this blessed week (also for shopping and food using all the ‘duit raya’ collection).

So, what are some tips from Waze to help make your journeys a bit easier?

  • Leave Waze on when you drive (easier to monitor reports & traffic conditions)
  • Select routes (you can check different ways to your destination & everything that’s happening in between)
  • Play music (to ensure that you’re always active and alert while driving)
Not from Piston.my

We here at Piston.my have had our fair share of ‘balik kampung’ trips and here are some of our own tips to ensure that the journey is as smooth as it can be.

  • Service your car (request for a complete and thorough inspection)
  • Make sure that the spare tyre is in good condition (and filled with enough air)
  • Got kids? Get them child seats for extra safety
  • Stock up on snacks and drinks (easier to stay active with sustenance)
  • Keep a bottle of water, coolant, and fire extinguisher in the boot (just in case)

There are more tips and advice but they’re mostly common sense like don’t use your phones while driving and use the turn signals. Remember, everyone wants to get to their destinations safely. Let’s be more considerate and take care of each other, okay? Safe journey, fellow Malaysians!

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