This Malaysian helped with the development of the world’s fastest supercars

We’ve recently posted about the one of the world’s latest and most powerful road-going hypercars which were introduced by several top sports car manufacturers. With all the hype that has been going around, did you know that there’s a Malaysian ‘touch’ in the development of these supercars? Enter Ahmad Syahid Ahmad Fawzal, a Malaysian PhD holder in mechanical engineering.

So, what does this brilliant Malaysian have to do with the world of supercars and ultra-fast machines? Well, mechanical engineers from all over the world went through great lengths in figuring out how to optimize their supercar’s cooling system and they managed to optimize that by using what’s now known as the Fawzal Number, the very concept created by Ahmad Syahid.

Ahmad Syahid and several high-powered electrical machine manufacturers were amongst those who assisted by analysing and optimizing the said cooling system together using the Fawzal Number formula for a certain supercar producer. It’s not Aston Martin Vulcan seen on the photo above but they’re pretty awesome to say the least.

The Fawzal Number which was initially called ‘Rotor Cooling Performance Index’ explains the ratio between convective heat transfer and the cooling capacity divided by the design’s power consumption. In simpler terms, the higher the Cooling Performance Index number, the better the cooling capacity or rate will be.

Here’s how the formula looks, below.

For all you tech geeks out there who want to read the abstract of Fawzal Number, click HERE.

Our biggest congratulation goes out to Ahmad Syahid and his big achievement. It’s not everyday you get to hear a fellow Malaysian reach such accomplishment, especially related to major sports car manufacturers and their most powerful machines. Simply amazing (also very complicated for mere mortals like us here at Piston.my).

Credit: The Vocket

This is the world’s only road-legal Aston Martin Vulcan

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