Hari Raya Haji traffic predictions from Waze

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Hari Raya Haji AND the school holidays are just around the corners which means a long weekend (which also means road trip!). To ensure that your journey remains as smooth as possible, here are some traffic predictions on what will most likely happen to Malaysians, courtesy of Waze.

Prediction 1: There will be more Malaysians on the road

While this comes to as no surprise, the data that Waze collected from last year showcased a huge increase in the number of people on the road during this festive season. It has been predicted by Waze that there will up to 39% more active road users, so you better plan your journey and timing well.

Prediction 2: Malaysians will fuel up more

More people on the road also means more people fuelling up at petrol stations. With around 39% more people on the road this upcoming weekend, a rise of around the same percentage will be making stops at petrol stations to refuel, refresh, and rest before arriving to their preferred destinations.

To ensure that you’re not caught up in all the refuelling commotion, we advise you to top up before the journey begin, get some snacks ready the day (or night) before, and keep at a steady pace so that your car will consume less fuel (and gain more mileage).

Prediction 3: The struggle for food and shopping are real

While some take the opportunity to go on a short break, the rest will most likely spend their time at shopping malls and food travels. It’s not every month we get to enjoy a long weekend and for 2019, Waze predicts an increase of a whopping 95% on food-related navigations. Anyone up for some Hong Kong chee cheong fun at New Hollywood, Ipoh?


Hopefully these tips will help you have a breezy journey to wherever your heart desires and get you to your destination safely. For more information, please visit www.waze.com. Have a safe and fun holiday, everyone!




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