Proton receives over 10,000 bookings for Proton Saga

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Proton is on a roll with their current sales growth heading upwards. Just last month, they’ve successfully registered 9,127 units which represents a Total Industry Volume (TIV) share of 17.6% for the month of August. As for year-on-year, sales growth now stands at 36% as compared to the same period in 2018 where Proton’s TIV actually shrunk by 5.8%.

This also means that Proton is also celebrating the best growth rate for any of any of the top five automotive brands here in Malaysia and they’re well on their way to exceed their 2018 sales record of 64,744 units. As of August 2019, the number has already reached 61,396 units. What’s even more surprising is that the Proton Saga alone received over 10,000 bookings in less than a month.

According to Dr Li Chunrong, CEO of Proton, “Proton is thankful for the response our customers have given to our range of offerings. The Company has posted the best sales growth for any Top-5 brand this year and although Malaysia’s TIV has shrunk by 5.8%, our 36% growth in sales shows we are on the right track. With initiatives like the opening of additional 3S/4S outlets and improvements to customer service and product quality set to continue this year, we are confident of being able to close-out 2019 strongly.”

Commenting on the success of the huge booking numbers for the Proton Saga, Dr Li Chunrong said “Judging from the bookings received, the 2019 Saga is extremely popular with our customers who are attracted to the revised styling, upgraded components and new touchscreen infotainment system it offers. We have also been impressed by the volume of online bookings received, which exceeds the number we received for the Proton X70, so we are extending the online booking period to give more buyers a chance to use the platform.”


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