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Save money while switching to a more active and adventurous lifestyle with the Ford Ranger XLT

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There’s a lot of diversity in the motor vehicle market with different types of vehicles for different needs and budgets. ‘One size fits all’ or more correctly, ‘one type fits all needs’ seems impossible. A passenger car offer comfort and enjoyable driving but you won’t think of taking it off the highway. A pick-up truck is robust and can take almost any sort of terrain but the perception is that such vehicles are uncomfortable.

But there is one model which can offer the best of both worlds and that’s the Ford Ranger. Designed and engineered from the outset to be a true dual-purpose vehicle, it has a passenger car-like cabin with all the same conveniences (and more), generous load-carrying capacity, a 4×4 system that can tackle even the toughest terrain and of course, it’s Built Ford Tough.

The line-up of Rangers in Malaysia is wide with the XLT versions of offering the best value for money. In fact, the Ranger XLT was considered so superior to other pick-up trucks in the Malaysian market that its XLT Plus version won the Cars of Malaysia Award for the Twin Cab Pick-Up Truck of the Year in January this year. It has also won other awards including the International Pick-up of the Year in Europe.

Save up to RM9,000
From March 1 until May 31 2020, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion is offering special deals on three Ford Ranger models – the Ranger XLT with savings of RM9,000; Ranger XLT Plus with savings of RM7,188; and XLT Special Edition with savings of RM8,000.

Ford has many decades of experience building pick-up trucks and its F-Series model has been one of the biggest-selling vehicles in the world for years. Drawing on those decades of experiences, it developed the Ranger in 1995 and has constantly improved the model with each generation. In the 21st century, it’s all about connectivity and smart technologies and the Ranger is right up to date with these features.

Two powertrain choices
The capability of the Ranger XLT has also increased with the latest turbodiesel engine in its XLT Plus variant with displacements of 2 litres, with outputs of 180ps/420Nm, delivering higher performance levels without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

In addition to these technologically advanced engines is Ford’s class-leading 10-speed automatic transmission, with performance and durability proven in applications as diverse as the F-150 pick-up and the latest Mustang. With 10 speeds and High and Low ranges, the Ranger has more flexibility on the move and also enhanced fuel economy.

Besides the robust 4×4 system that can be switched from 2WD to 4WD without stopping the vehicle (Shift-on-the-Fly), the Ranger XLT also has the capability of crossing waterways or floods that are up to 800 mm deep. Combined with 237 mm of ground clearance, there are probably very few places that the Ranger XLT can’t get across.

The spacious cargo area at the back and the 1,000-kg payload that can be carried means you can transport a lot of durians or a few mountain bikes. And lifting up the tailgate no longer requires a lot of strength with the Easy-Lift feature that makes the operation as easy as raising the bootlid of a car.

Easy transition from a passenger car
If you’ve never owned a pick-up truck before, the Ranger XLT and XLT Plus are ideal to make the transition from a passenger car. Step inside and you will feel like you’re in a passenger car with the comfortable and spacious interior. It has all the convenience features you enjoyed in your passenger car plus additional features to support an active lifestyle (which you will develop if you do not already have one!).

Ford’s SYNC infotainment is like an ‘invisible co-driver’, assisting in activating certain features by responding to simple voice commands, or via an 8-inch touchscreen. Mobile devices can be interfaced with the system which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can get Waze from your smartphone on the big screen for easier viewing. Or select your favourite music from Spotify.

No discrimination in safety
While many manufacturers saw pick-up trucks as being for commercial applications and provided minimal safety features, Ford has never looked at such vehicles that way. It has given the Ranger comparable (or even higher) levels of occupant protection as its passenger cars. This means not only airbags and active safety systems like ABS and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) but also driver assistance systems like Hill Descent Control and Hill Launch Assist as well as a Rear View Camera. Rollover Mitigation and Adaptive Load Control also help maintain stability for the tall vehicle.

So are you ready to make 2020 the year when your lifestyle changes to a more active and adventurous one by switching to the Ford Ranger XLT? It’s ready for the demands of the modern world – tough and capable enough for the rough stuff on weekends and also stylish enough to travel to work the rest of the week.

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