Cash rebates for all Perodua models from today, ahead of Sales tax exemption

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In a recent announcement, the government will exempt the 10% Sales Tax  on new vehicle purchases. The exemption, to be effective from June 15, 2020, will be 100% of the tax value for locally-assembled models and 50% for imported models (CBU or completely built-up). This is one of the initiatives by the government under the to help the auto industry regain sales momentum.

However, before June 15, Perodua will reduce prices (on-the-road excluding insurance) of all its five models by between 3% and 6% via cash rebates. This offer will be only until June 14, after which the new prices throughout the tax reduction period will be incorporated.

“Despite the tax reduction only becoming effective 15 June 2020, Perodua will offer cash rebates between 3% and 6% for the purchase of our vehicles beginning today [Wednesday, June 10],” Perodua President & Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.

“We want everyone to take this opportunity to own a Perodua without worrying about being left out. Please visit any Perodua sales outlet and speak to our authorised sales advisors for the total cash rebate amounts and the full price list that will be effective June 15,” he added.

Perodua Axia
Cash rebates to lower purchase cost of the popular Axia.

“Perodua is in full support of the government’s move to fully exempt sales tax for the purchase of CKD cars until the end of the year to shore up the domestic economy,” said Dato’ Zainal. “As Malaysia’s biggest carmaker by volume, we reiterate our commitment to the government to contribute wherever and whenever we can to ensure the industry can get through this difficult time.”

“The Malaysian public are understandably spending more cautiously due to COVID-19 and the Movement Control Order, although personal vehicles are still very much needed in these trying times,” he said. “This move to fully exempt CKD cars from sales tax is a confidence boost for the automotive industry – not just for car buyers but the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. Along with low financing rates at this difficult time, we are cautiously optimistic that this will spur new car sales.”

With the industry shutdown for the very long period during the MCO, Perodua sold 52,920 vehicles in the first five months of this year, giving it a 41% market share against an estimated year-to-date total industry volume of 129,401 units.

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