World premiere of Honda N7X Concept in Indonesia previews next BR-V 7-seater

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Honda today gave the world its first look at the next generation of the BR-V, presented as the N7X Concept. The original BR-V had its world debut in Indonesia in August 2015, and now, for the first time, Honda is unveiling a concept car in the country. The reason is that the BR-V is a model that was developed primarily with the Indonesia market in mind, although it is also sold in some other countries, including Malaysia.

For the second generation, the 7-seater cabin is maintained, this being an important point for customers in Indonesia. Honda understands that a car is ‘not just a car’, and considering how much time people spend in it, the vehicle is also a ‘second home’. This led the design team at Honda Asia Pacific to combine the best features of a MPV and the advantages of a SUV for the N7X Concept that will be the basis for the forthcoming new BR-V.

2021 Honda N7X Concept

2021 Honda N7X Concept

Designed with Gen X in mind
The exterior design is sleeker than the current BR-V and the overall size appears larger. There are some styling elements from other models, such as the CR-V, with the high ground clearance being a necessity in Indonesia and also other parts of ASEAN.

Honda product planners conducted extensive studies, primarily in Indonesia, to find out what customers expect and aimed to exceed the expectations. They focussed especially on the Generation X family, which has a lifestyle that is balanced between personal activities and family togetherness.

Details of the interior are not available other than from brief views during the presentation. With words like ‘premium’ being used, it is likely that Honda will offer the new BR-V with a higher quality than before, the same way that the City evolved upwards. Of course, with the emphasis on safety, we may see better safety systems installed, probably including an autonomous braking capability.

2021 Honda N7X Concept

2021 Honda N7X Concept

2021 Honda N7X Concept

Honda’s idea of a 7-seater
“The N7X is our concept of what a 7-seater car should be, which not only offers pleasant driving performance but also the serenity and comfort of a premium car for all occupants. We are very proud to make Indonesia the first in the world to introduce the N7X Concept, a concept that will redefine the categories of cars and driving pleasure,” said Takehiro Watanabe, President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, during the world premiere online.

The current BR-V was launched at the Indonesia International Auto Show in 2015 but given the current pandemic, the future of such public events remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Honda Indonesia is displaying the N7X Concept at a shopping mall in Jakarta this week, and will probably do an online launch of the production model sometime during the second half of this year.

2021 Honda N7X Concept
2019 BR-V (the model received some updates last year). Prices start from RM86,726.

The BR-V arrived in Malaysia about 2 years after its debut in Indonesia, though this second generation might not take as long. Anyway, if you prefer the current one and want to get one before it runs out, visit any authorized Honda dealer and their locations can be found at

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