Sony and Honda’s Afeela Unveils Electric Sedan, Plans for Future SUV Model

Afeela, the joint venture between Sony and Honda, showcased an updated version of its first product, an electric sedan, at CES 2024. The sedan, which remains unnamed, features a revised design and more specific powertrain details. It will feature an all-wheel drive with a 241hp electric motor on each axle and a 91.0-kWh battery capable of charging up to 150 kW.

Afeela plans to launch the sedan in the U.S. in 2026, following its debut in 2025. While orders for the sedan will open in 2025, actual sales are expected to commence the following year.

In addition to the sedan, Afeela intends to introduce two more electric vehicles in the coming years. In 2027, an electric SUV closely related to the sedan will be introduced, followed by a more affordable compact model in 2028. These models will share a platform to reduce costs and development time.

The compact model, roughly the size of a Toyota Corolla, will likely share parts with Honda’s lineup of EVs. To keep costs down, certain equipment and functions may be omitted from the compact model.

Reports indicate that the Afeela sedan will be priced at over 10 million yen in Japan, approximately RM318,189.

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