Proton launches new range of Genuine Oils

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There are many brands of engine oil in the market and all the reputable ones can do a good job of lubricating and protecting the engine. With Genuine Oils, however, the specifications and formulation of the oils are specially tailored for the carmaker’s vehicles and therefore should provide optimum performance. Each manufacturer can claim that their Genuine Oil offers the best performance and this may be true too because the engineers who may have worked on the engines know exactly what is needed.

Proton has just launched a new range of Genuine Oils (PGO) which have been developed in collaboration with its technical partner, Petronas. The oils meet the most recent standards specified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which motorists would be familiar with. The top fully synthetic grade meets the latest API SP standard (5-litre pack only), while the others meet API SN.

In terms of viscosity, the fully synthetic PGO has a viscosity of SAE 5W-30 and 10W-30, the latter meeting the API SN service standard and available only in a 4-litre pack. Then there is a semi-synthetic grade which has passed the API SN standard and has a 10W-30 viscosity, while the mineral oil is 15W-40 and also meets the API SN standard.

The new Genuine Oils are available at all authorised Proton  service centres and will also be available from parts stockists. However, for the time being, the parts stockists will carry only the semi-synthetic and mineral PGO.

“The launch of PGO lubricants is another step in Proton’s journey to being a premium Malaysian automotive  brand. We worked closely with our partners on the formulation to ensure it met our exacting requirements and offers our customers the engine protection their Proton models deserve at an affordable price. By having a full list of products, we are also able to cover our entire model range including the latest TGDI engines used by our SUVs,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar.

The advantage of Genuine Oils

Many authorised service centres of the various brands have a policy that the only oil that can be used is what they supply, which is often a Genuine Oil of the brand or one approved by the carmaker. Customers might not be allowed to bring their own oil to use. Furthermore, warranty conditions may also force owners to use the oil supplied by the service centre and could become void if an ‘unauthorised’ oil is used.

Understandably, this is something that not all owners may agree with. They may feel it is their right to choose their own oil, and they might even be able to buy it for less and save money. However, there are also valid reasons why service centres insist on their oil being used and why the warranty can be at risk if another oil is used.

Firstly, the oil supplied will be the one that meets the requirements of the manufacturer, especially if it is a genuine oil. These requirements, in simplified form, are usually found in the Owner’s Manual and focus on two things – the API standard and the viscosity. If the customer can meet both requirements, there shouldn’t be an issue.

But then there is the question of quality of the oil brought in by the customer. Some may unknowingly buy recycled oil or oil that is of a poor quality but sold as if it meets all the standards. They may not be aware and think that they are saving money. If this inferior oil goes into their engine because they insist on using it, who will be responsible if the engine has problems or even gets damaged? Would it be fair on the manufacturer to accept responsibility when the oil used was not one they were assured of quality?

For this reason, manufacturers want to have control on the products used and if something does go wrong, then they can justifiably provide compensation. Many consumers may not understand this point but it is one of the reasons why, during the warranty period, you need to comply with the requirements.

Once the warranty period is over, then you are free to use whatever oil you wish and go to whichever service centre you to go to. So it is best to be patient and abide by the requirements. Besides, many authorised service centres today have amenities for owners, like complimentary food and drink, so you can have a good ownership experience.

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