Full Conversion Of Maserati MC20 Into Mansory First Edition Now Available

While cars of the premium luxury brands already possess a measure of exclusivity, there are customers who want to make their car even more special, more personalized. After all, they are already paying a lot so why not go a bit further and make the car truly unique? The carmakers understand this and have divisions to cater for personalization and conversion requests of almost any nature as long as it does not affect safety.

Maserati, for example, has its Fuoriserie personalization program that allows a customer to make his or her vehicle one-of-a-kind. However, the personalization is typically related to materials and accessories which the carmaker may already have or which can be specifically fabricated. And, of course, there are colour choices that are ‘infinite’ and limited only by imagination.

The bodywork is often not changed much to maintain the original design and this is where specialists like Mansory provide customization that can give a sportier or bolder appearance. The latest example of the German company’s offering is for the Maserati MC20 where they can carry out a full conversion to a Mansory First Edition.

First of additional derivatives
“Along with Ferrari, Maserati is without a doubt one of the greatest names in automotive history ever,” said Kourosh Mansory, CEO and founder of Mansory and Holding GmbH. “With the MC20, an outstanding basic vehicle has now come onto the market that almost imposes itself on the needs and wishes of our customers and at the same time offers many conversion options, so that our first creation “MANSORY FIRST EDITION” will be followed very soon by further derivatives – based on the MC20 and the derived spider.”

As with all complete conversions done by Mansory, the work includes lightweight components made of carbonfibre, a significant increase in performance, profound suspension modifications, elegantly forged sports rims and various interior modifications made of the finest leather and carbonfibre.

Aerodynamic improvements
The overall appearance is recognizable as the MC20 but Mansory adds striking, massively enlarged air intakes in the front apron to allow generous volumes of fresh cool air to blow through the high-performance radiators. There’s also a new, specially developed front lip which, in conjunction with the supplementary flaps, significantly improve the downforce on the front axle.

At the side, striking wheelarches made of full carbonfibre have been installed, a signature of Mansory. The doors made of the same material are partially painted display their technical functionality in the side view. Also finished in full carbonfibre is the area in front of the side cooling air intakes to the engine. A new full-carbonfibre cover allows plenty of air into the engine bay to help cool the mid-mounted V6 biturbo engine.

Completing the aerodynamic improvements is an impressive new rear wing and a completely newly developed double diffuser with central brake light increase downforce on the rear axle.

Nettuno engine output raised
Mansory also does what most personalization services of carmakers do not include: upgrading engine performance. The engineers have made extensive modifications to the standard 3-litre Nettuno engine to increase its output to 720 bhp/850 Nm from the 630 bhp/730 Nm of the stock powerplant.

This increase has been achieved mainly with new engine electronics and the in-house high-performance exhaust system. The increased performance data places the MC20 in the circle of super sportscars with a claimed top speed of 330 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h time of 2.7 seconds.

Besides substituting the standard suspension with newly developed and adapted components, there are also new FV.5 rims. These one-piece, newly designed and ultra-light forged rims in the dimensions 9.5 x 21 and 12 x 22 are fitted with high-performance tyres(255/30 R21 at the front, 335/25 R22 at the rear).

Personalisation flexibility inside
As with the exterior colours, the interior of the MC 20 Mansory First Edition can be personalized to any extent by the customer. The car in the pictures has an interior with 3 colour tones – yellow, white and black – with the national colours of Italy reflected in the form of a central stripe in the sports seats and the headliner. In the same way, the car itself is discreetly and centrally divided by a small painted stripe in green, white and red.

Mansory typically outfits interior with fine and glove-soft leather, and the highest standards of workmanship and attention to detail. This is evident in the white seat belts, which are accented with a yellow MANSORY logo. The entire footwell and the accompanying floormats are also in leather and colour-coordinated with the rest of the interior.

Wherever leather is not used (or is not intended to be used), the interior is selectively refined with carbonfibre. A Mansory sports leather steering wheel and several, precisely embroidered brand logos elegantly round off the fully comprehensive refinement in the interior.

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