New Shoes For Your Car This Raya With Goodyear

To ensure that tyres are still suitable for road use during this festive season, Goodyear Malaysia is urging Malaysians to also obtain “new shoes” for their vehicles.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions for the past two-years, more people are taking advantage of long-distance travel this year. And with unpredictable weather to deal with, Goodyear, a company that consistently explores the possibilities of tyre technology, wants to encourage Malaysians to perform all necessary checks on their tyres.

This is to ensure that they are in an appropriate state for driving or to replace them if necessary for a safer drive and more peace of mind on the road.

From now till Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Goodyear’s “Raya Bergaya Bersama Goodyear” promotion will be taking place this holiday season with more prizes. While supplies last, customers who buy either four units of 16 and 17-inch tyres or two pieces of 18 inch and larger tyres will receive a special Goodyear umbrella.

Also, clients have the option to sign up for the Worry Free Assured warranty programme. The warranty covers two free tyre safety checks, a one-year road hazard warranty, and a five-year warranty for any manufacturing flaws in the tyres that were purchased. To participate, just complete these three easy steps:

Step 1: Purchase four units of the 16” and 17” tyres OR two units of the 18” and above consumer tyres at Goodyear participating stores.

Step 2: Receive the exclusive Goodyear Umbrella* from the retailer.

Step 3: Log on to Goodyear’s website and register for the Worry Free Assurance by filling in the details, uploading the receipt and selecting the shop where the tyres were purchased.

Goodyear wants to engrain safe driving habits among Malaysians as road safety is an utmost priority, according to Alex Ng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia.

“This promotion serves as a timely reminder for Malaysians to change their car’s shoes, at the same time rewarding them for doing the necessary for their vehicle. We want to highlight the importance of tyre safety and choosing quality tyres with innovative technology for a peaceful and safe drive. Especially with the unprecedented weather these days and with the many motorists in Malaysia, it is important these drivers play their part to ensure their family’s safety and the safety of other motorists on the road,” he said.

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