Porsche Continue Support For CarPlay

Electric vehicles require special handling when operating and maintaining them because they are intricate. Thus, navigational software is crucial to an EV. That has been General Motors‘ justification for excluding CarPlay and Android Auto from its next models and directing owners to its own Google-based built-in map app instead.

But Porsche has revealed that the Taycan now supports Apple Maps EV routing as a reminder that enabling CarPlay doesn’t always mean giving up such services.

Every Taycan produced is compatible with this update, which is really included within the most recent version of the My Porsche App for iOS. Model years 2021 and older require a free software upgrade that can only be completed at a Porsche service centre. Otherwise, everything is really practical.

According to Porsche, every Taycan has a charging planner that optimises stops depending on factors including the expected state of charge (SOC) at arrival, traffic circumstances, and typical speed. However, because drivers engage with their cars in so many different ways, using Apple Maps EV Routing gives travellers additional options for planning their routes.

When advising charging stops, Apple Maps EV routing employs real-time vehicle information to assist users in reaching their destination. Apple Maps locates suitable charging stations along the journey by examining elevation variations along the route and other variables. If a customer continues to drive when the charge is too low, a path to the closest compatible charging station is provided.

Porsche’s navigation app, as well as those of many other automakers that sell EVs now, offer this kind of “smart” navigation that takes into account details about the vehicle’s state of charge and how a planned route would affect range. Apple and Google, on the other hand, haven’t exactly been standing by and letting their software lag behind; for the automakers that want to benefit, much of the same data can now be exchanged through phone projection.

Porsche doesn’t have any issues with brand awareness despite having spun itself off on the stock market and making a profit in the process. Stopping its consumers from using the app that makes them happy is not one of its top priorities. Maybe GM should pay attention if it wants people to enjoy it. We definitely feel that Apple CarPlay is a necessity in our daily lives and every car should have it.

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