Tesla Malaysia Closer To Sales Launch After SIRIM Registration Revealed

According to several reports online, Tesla Malaysia is close to a sales launch for the Malaysian market with recent product registrations with SIRIM regarding the implementation of a radar based ADAS system.

Tesla had previously faced backlash for its claim that a system based solely on vision will allow for fully autonomous driving in its vehicles. The first indication of a possible U-turn on that stance came in June 2022 when Tesla filed a request with the FCC to utilise a radar based ADAS system.

According to the SIRIM database, Tesla Sdn Bhd submitted registration requests for three products: “short-range radar equipment,” “tyre pressure monitoring system,” and “mobile phone wireless charger.” Apparently these were authorised between May 18 and 19, 2023.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, previously stated in a tweet that sensor fusion is not as effective as doubling down on vision since it lacks the accuracy that vision has. He thought that as vision processing improved, radar would become obsolete.

The addition of radar to Tesla EVs is good news for safety for Teslas. Even while Tesla Vision is constantly developing better object detecting technology, cameras still have their limitations. Optical cameras can provide a wider field of view, but their effectiveness can be hampered by dust or adverse weather, such as bright sunshine or persistent rain. Radar can be useful in this situation because visibility problems have less of an impact on radio waves.

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