Report: 95% of Malaysian Speeding Tickets Are For Speeds Of 130kmh To 170kmh

Since the commencement of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024 special operations on April 1, the Road Transport Department (RTD) has identified 16,142 instances of speeding through the Automated Awareness Safety System cameras.

Datuk Lokman Jamaan, the RTD senior enforcement director, revealed that a staggering 95 percent of these violations involved drivers traveling at speeds ranging from 130 km/hour to 170 km/hour, while the remaining five percent exceeded 170 km/hour.

Expressing concern over these findings, Lokman emphasized the crucial role of drivers in ensuring their safety as well as that of fellow road users by adhering to prescribed speed limits.

“Drivers must take more responsibility for their safety and the safety of other road users by observing the prescribed speed limits,” he emphasized during a press briefing held at the Integrated Motorcycle Operations event in Meru Raya.

Highlighting the potential impact of responsible driving on accident rates and fatalities, Lokman stressed the importance of maintaining vigilance, particularly during festive seasons. He further disclosed that the RTD had issued 26,313 notices to road users for various violations of road safety regulations and laws during the nationwide Special Motorcycle Ops conducted from April 1 to 6.

Additionally, as part of these operations, 1,464 motorcycles were seized for non-compliance with regulations.

A car stirs the soul, a motorbike is the soul. Keshy has been a motoring journalist for over a decade and has written for and founded a number of Malaysian motoring titles including Piston.my, Bikesrepulic.com, Motomalaya.net and other mass media titles.

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