New BMW 5 Series Gets AirConsole Gaming Platform

A unique kind of in-car gaming will be made available for the first time in the new BMW 5 Series thanks to a partnership between the BMW Group and the game platform AirConsole. While the car is still, the driver and passengers can spend the time by playing ‘casual games’. The AirConsole app will progressively be made available in other BMW automobiles in addition to the new BMW 5 Series that was just launched.

N-Dream AG is a Zurich-based firm that is revolutionising the video game business and is the creator of AirConsole. AirConsole is driving the advancement of casual gaming in automobiles in collaboration with BMW.

A special BMW i5 with a distinctive gaming aesthetic created by BMW Group Design is being unveiled in conjunction with the debut of the new BMW 5 Series. Technically and aesthetically, this livery turns the BMW 5 Series saloon into the ideal gaming station.

Smartphone Controller

The only equipment required for the in-car gaming experience is the BMW Curved Display and the player’s smartphone, which also serves as a controller. The connection between the smartphone and the vehicle is easily made after the AirConsole app has been launched in the car by scanning a QR code on the Curved Display. Players may then immediately begin playing.

The AirConsole app allows for many players at once. During pauses, the backseat passengers can also enjoy themselves playing games in the car. Generally speaking, you can play by yourself, with all of your fellow drivers, or in competition mode.

Players can engage in so-called casual gaming with AirConsole. These are simple to pick up and play games with simple controls. In addition to simulation, strategy, jump-and-run, and puzzle games, the new BMW 5 Series sedan will be introduced to the market with a selection of racing, sports, quiz, and music quiz games.

The roughly 15 games that are playable right now include “Go Kart Go,” “Golazo,” “Music Guess,” and “Overcooked.” The selection of games will be gradually increased.

Unique Gaming Livery

The BMW Group is displaying a BMW i5 with a distinctive gaming wrap to commemorate the introduction of in-car gaming. The design represents delving into the gaming experience right down to the pixel level. The obvious reference to the widely familiar 8-bit era of computer gaming is made by sizeable pixels. The numerous games that are playable on the AirConsole platform serve as inspiration for the colour scheme.

Elements of video game controllers wrap around the i5, emphasising the i5’s one-of-a-kind solution for in-car gaming with AirConsole, in which the smartphone serves as the controller, putting all game-play options at the gamers’ fingertips.

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