Public Will Soon Be Able To Apply For Small Budgets To Fix Potholes

Nothing brings a driver greater satisfaction than cruising down the highway at their designated pace regardless of anything else but their speed limit.

Unfortunately, potholes have been a problem on Malaysian roads for some time, aggravating drivers because of the risks they bring to everyone using the roads. The first thing to feel the impact when you strike a pothole would be your car’s tyres because they connect your vehicle to the road. The impact may weaken, tear, or damage your tyres, which could cause a blowout or flat tyre while you continue driving.

To overcome this issue, the Economic Affairs Ministry intends to implement a new system allowing the general public to apply for modest project allocations.

According to Rafizi Ramli, this will hasten the process of addressing problems like fixing clogged drains or potholes in the roads. “The federal government is making changes to democratise small allocations for the rakyat. All this time, as the elected representative, I had to do all sorts of things like fixing drains and so on,” Rafizi said.

The new system, which is expected to go live some time in the middle or end of June, will allow anybody to petition the ministry directly for allocations, including the general public, district offices, and state departments. Rafizi emphasised that there is already excessive red tape around allocation approval, which might take up to three years.

This new method is regarded as advantageous to everyone. All states and individuals have equal access to submit applications for allocations. However, before allocations are made, a few requirements must be met.

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