Honda Will Now Sell You A Pre-Owned Plane

Honda has long offered certified pre-owned vehicles for purchase worldwide but not yet in Malaysia. Due to Honda’s outstanding reputation for dependability, CPO (certified pre-owned) Hondas are for many customers suitable substitutes for new cars.

However, Honda is now selling CPO planes, so you can do the same even if you’re flying through the air.

Honda Aircraft Company, which was established in 2006, has been producing HondaJets for private, professional, and even emergency use. However, Honda is now following Bombardier’s (an aircraft manufacturer) lead and putting its used aircraft through a certification procedure in order to resell them.

Before receiving CPO status, all of the aircraft are subjected to a “meticulous” 208-point check by Honda-trained experts, according to Honda. In addition, all CPO HondaJets will be upgraded to each model’s highest level of performance. Customers receive a six-month or 100-hour credit towards the cost of the Airframe Flight Ready Performance as well as a FlightSafety Initial Pilot Training.

The HondaJet Elite II or the original HondaJet are the two jet models available. Both use twin GE Honda HF/120 engines mounted on the company’s distinctive perched-wing engine mount. Both aircraft can accommodate five passengers and two crew members, or six passengers and one crew person, as standard, in addition to the pilot (or pilots). However, that can be changed to accommodate either a 6-to-2 or 7-to-1 passenger-to-crew ratio.

You’ll have to wait a lot longer until a HondaJet 2600 Concept appears on the CPO market because it won’t go on sale for a few more years.

Honda also produces variants with unique missions for organ or med-evac evacuation. Therefore, CPO HondaJets will be available whenever emergency care providers need aircraft for specific medical missions.

The new CPO program is now available to customers across America, Europe, and Asia through the company’s authorised sales network. Customers can access both the certified and non-certified pre-owned HondaJet inventory on the company’s official website.

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