Lorry Drivers Not The Main Cause Of Accidents

The Malaysia Tipper Lorry Operators’ Association has voiced concerns about the prevalent practice of blaming lorry drivers whenever accidents occur. Datuk Michael Loo Leep Chye, the association’s chairman, emphasised that numerous issues in the lorry industry stem from unclear guidelines and laws regarding loaded weight (BDM) and unladen weight (BTM). These ambiguities often lead to operational challenges and potentially unsafe practices.

According to NST, Loo highlighted that the knee-jerk reaction of enforcement agencies to make arrests after accidents doesn’t effectively address the root problems. He argued against laying the blame solely on lorry drivers, asserting that they should not be unfairly targeted as if they were criminals. He did, however, acknowledge that if drivers or operators are found to be negligent or excessively overloading their lorries, appropriate actions should be taken.

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A critical concern raised by Loo was the pressure faced by operators due to rising operational costs and demands from customers. In their struggle to maintain profitability, some operators are forced to hire drivers who might not adhere to the best safety practices.

The association called for an overhaul of the existing standard operating procedures (SOPs), considering them outdated and inadequate. They stressed the importance of reevaluating and improving these procedures in collaboration with industry experts. Loo further urged the relevant authorities to engage in open discussions to find viable and long-lasting solutions to the challenges that have persisted for decades.


In essence, the plea was for a more holistic approach that addresses the structural and operational issues within the industry, ensuring that all stakeholders, including lorry drivers, can adhere to practical and clear regulations while maintaining operational viability.

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