New BMW X2 Teases Illuminated Grille And Body Shape

BMW created a buzz in March by announcing the commencement of production for the second-generation X2 by year-end. Recently, a teaser video has offered the first official glimpse of this crossover coupe, internally known as “U10,” displaying its sleek and unique design compared to the X1.

The video highlights the X2’s elegant profile, underscoring its prominently sloped roofline, a distinctive characteristic of this model. The upcoming X2 is noticeably larger than its forerunner, aligning with the size growth seen in the latest X1. Given the new X1’s length of 177.2 inches, a similar dimension can be anticipated for the X2.

An interesting design element revealed in the preview is the illuminated contour of the kidney grille, aligning with the contemporary design language observed in recent BMW models. The teaser also hints at the availability of adaptive LED matrix headlights for the X2, enhancing its sophisticated appearance.

While BMW has not confirmed explicitly whether this teaser is for the X2 or the electric iX2, prevailing speculation leans towards the latter. The iX2 is an electric variant aligned with BMW’s electrification strategy. Both the internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric versions of the X2 are set to roll off the production line at BMW’s Regensburg factory in Germany, showcasing the brand’s dedication to electrifying their lineup while retaining popular models like the X2.

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