Touch ‘n Go Aims to Reach Four Million RFID Users by 2024

Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd (Touch ‘n Go) has set an ambitious target of attracting four million users to their Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system by the close of 2024.

According to Bernama, CEO Praba Sangarajoo emphasised the remarkable growth in RFID adoption, attributing it to the seamless convenience it offers. Presently boasting about three million RFID users, the company is eyeing an additional one million by the end of the next year, aligning with its commitment to providing a smoother toll payment experience.

Sangarajoo underscored the multifaceted advantages of RFID technology, not only streamlining toll payments but also enabling contactless fuel transactions. In a recent development, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow inaugurated Touch ‘n Go’s “Walao Eh Just In Penang” campaign, aimed at promoting cashless transactions and a seamless payment experience covering tolls, transit, and parking within Penang.

The campaign’s objective is to introduce the convenience of seamless mobility solutions to Penangites through Touch ‘n Go’s RFID and an enhanced Touch ‘n Go card.

In line with Penang’s vision of establishing a robust digital infrastructure by 2030, the campaign will see specially equipped mobile vans stationed strategically, offering special campaign deals on RFID tags to Penangites. They can also purchase exclusive Touch ‘n Go bundle sets, comprising an RFID tag and an enhanced Touch ‘n Go card.

Chief Minister Chow stressed the significance of adopting e-payment services such as Touch ‘n Go RFID, lauding its convenience, efficiency, and security. He expressed confidence in achieving Penang’s ambitious goal of being 100% cashless by 2030, with Touch ‘n Go’s collaboration.

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