The All-New Electric Countryman SE ALL4: Built For Any Terrain

Mini is paving the way for a new era in eco-friendly exploration with the introduction of the all-electric Mini Countryman SE ALL4, a reliable companion that opens doors to adventure. This versatile crossover offers emissions-free mobility on diverse terrains, bolstered by its potent ALL4 all-wheel drive, advanced driving assistance features, partially automated Level 2 driving, and an impressive electric range of up to 433km according to the rigorous WLTP test cycle.

The modern, minimalistic design of the SE ALL4 accentuates its distinct personality with clean lines and broader wheel arches. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this all-rounder has grown significantly, now measuring 4,433mm in length, 1,843mm in width, and 1,656mm in height. Just for comparison’s sake, the smart #1 has a length of 4207mm, a width of 1822mm and a height of 1636mm. This expansion results in increased interior space, offering up to 1,450 litres of cargo capacity when the rear bench is folded down.

Under the hood, two powerful electric motors deliver a combined output of 313hp and a torque of 494Nm, propelling the SE ALL4 through any terrain. This dynamic duo accelerates it from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 5.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180km/h. The robust battery boasts an energy capacity of 66.45 kWh.

Rapid charging with DC, peaking at 130kW, takes just under 30 minutes to charge the battery from 10 percent to 80 percent. Customers can optimise the charging process through user-friendly settings accessible via the Mini app. The introduction of the Plug & Charge system allows the vehicle to automatically initiate the charging process at compatible public charging stations, eliminating the need for additional authorisation.

The Mini Countryman SE ALL4, equipped with the Driving Assistant Professional, now enables partially automated Level 2 driving on motorway-like routes, allowing drivers to momentarily remove their hands from the wheel at speeds up to 60km/h, provided they remain attentive and prepared to intervene. The system can also identify suitable gaps in traffic for lane changes and adjust the speed accordingly.

The design underscores its rugged character with vertical body elements. Its striking front grille, distinctive headlights, and sculpted bonnet create an imposing presence. Short overhangs and sleek contours lend elegance to the vehicle’s silhouette.

Aerodynamically optimised light-alloy wheels, some measuring up to 20 inches, along with a sleek body design, contribute to a low drag coefficient of 0.26, enhancing efficiency and extending the range. The C-pillar design, with the model-specific ALL4 logo, supports the extended roofline while visually shortening the rear of the vehicle. The rear features a unified appearance with smooth surfaces and flush rear lights. The vertical orientation emphasises its wide stance, with distinctive Mini LED headlights and taillights adding to its unique appeal.

Four trim variants allow for individual customisation, enhancing different aspects of it with a stylish exterior and interior features. The range now includes the new Vibrant Silver roof colour for the first time, a characteristic Mini contrasting roof option.

The interior combines advanced technology and premium materials. The focal point is a round OLED display, controlling infotainment and assistance systems. The Mini Operating System 9 offers intuitive control via touch or voice assistant.

Mini Experience Modes offer immersive driving experiences with unique lighting graphics in various colours and patterns on the OLED display. Mini Driving Sounds create a distinctive ambience.

Passenger comfort has been elevated, with increased shoulder and elbow space for the driver and front passenger, and additional shoulder width for rear seat passengers. The cockpit boasts a modern, clear look with a two-tone textile-designed dashboard, further enhanced by the panoramic glass roof, infusing the interior with brightness. Redesigned trims offer a range of modern interior concepts.

The central console features a redesigned toggle bar for easy access to vital driving functions, eliminating the need for a gear selector and providing practical storage options. Smartphone storage and wireless charging are readily available, ensuring devices stay connected and powered.

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