Richard Mille Unveils Ultra-Thin RM UP-01 Ferrari Watch

Richard Mille and Ferrari have joined forces to create a remarkable ultra-thin watch – the RM UP-01 Ferrari. This watch not only embodies a blend of their best expertise but also aligns with the values shared by both iconic brands.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari combines elegant design with sporting mechanisms, defying contemporary trends to establish new aesthetic codes. The watch is a testament to their partnership, and its technical prowess is particularly impressive.

At a mere 1.75 millimetres thick, the RM UP-01 Ferrari is an impressive technological feat, showcasing a fresh approach to watch mechanics where technicality governs aesthetics. Over six thousand hours of development and laboratory testing went into its creation, resulting in a timepiece that breaks traditional conventions.

To create this ultra-flat watch, a traditional movement with superimposed gears and hands was not an option. Instead, a close relationship between the movement and case was established to ensure both delivered the required rigidity. The baseplate and bridges are crafted from grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible, highly corrosion-resistant, and rigid alloy. These qualities make it a common material in industries like aerospace, aeronautics, and automotive.

The RM UP-01 Ultraflat features a new escapement and balance wheel in grade 5 titanium that significantly reduces the calibre’s thickness while maintaining security. This patented ultra-flat escapement does away with traditional dart and safety roller components, streamlining the design and reducing its height.

The two crowns integrated into the bezel offer winding (W) and hand-setting (H) functions, while two black ceramic inserts protect the bezel and ensure water resistance.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari is a limited edition with only 150 pieces available, each priced at $1.88 million.

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