Porsche Panamera’s Third Generation Unveils Modernised Interior

In anticipation of its world premiere on November 24, the third-generation Porsche Panamera provides a glimpse of its thoroughly modernised interior, influenced by the design of the Taycan. Much like its all-electric counterpart, the sporty liftback boasts a minimalist approach, with few conventional controls. Most functions are accessible through the screens and touch-sensitive keys integrated into the centre console.

The interior features a 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster, complemented by a centre touchscreen and an additional display on the passenger side of the dashboard. The centre console houses electrically adjustable air vents and an expanded storage area. In the rear, Porsche has added a touchscreen for rear occupants to access various settings, including media, navigation, and ambient lighting.

Continuing the tradition, the new Panamera will also offer a long-wheelbase Executive variant, delivering greater rear legroom and newly contoured seats for enhanced comfort on extended journeys.

Despite its size and weight, the revamped Panamera maintains a driver-centric cabin, emphasising accessibility. The driving mode selector is conveniently located on the steering wheel, which also includes a toggle switch for navigating menus on the digital instrument cluster. An optional head-up display can be controlled from the steering wheel as well.

To the right of the steering wheel is the gear selector, a strategic shift that streamlines the area between the front seats. Other updates include a continuous light strip and improved seat foam materials. Porsche plans to offer a leather-free interior option featuring materials like Race-Tex and Pepita fabric, marking a first for the Panamera.

In the pursuit of a cleaner, less fingerprint-prone interior aesthetic, Porsche has revisited the glossy black surfaces that, while appearing sleek in official images, can be prone to smudging.

With these advancements, the third-generation Porsche Panamera aims to offer not only a technologically advanced but also a more comfortable and eco-conscious driving experience.

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