Stellantis Outlines Plan to Lead Electrification Shift in ASEAN

Stellantis, a large automaker with famous brands like Peugeot, Citroën, Ram, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep, has shared its plans for bringing new electric cars to Southeast Asia. They want to lead the way in making cars that run on electricity in this region.

They have a new vehicle platform called STLA Medium, which can go a long way on a single charge, is super energy-efficient, and charges up quickly. Stellantis is investing a lot of money, around €400 million (RM2 billion), to bring this platform to Southeast Asia. This platform can be used to make different types of vehicles, like electric ones, regular ones, and hybrids. It’s a big deal for local suppliers and manufacturers, who could make about €990 million (RM5 billion) in the next four years.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

This move towards electric cars is not just about making cars; it’s about creating a whole ecosystem for electric vehicles in Southeast Asia. This includes making battery packs, which can lead to new job opportunities and boost the local economy.

Stellantis is working closely with the Indonesian government and other local partners to support their plan for electric cars. They even have an agreement to assemble Citroën electric cars in Indonesia starting in 2024. They are part of a group that’s working on a “Responsible Green Electric Vehicle ecosystem” in Indonesia.

Stellantis is thinking about using a plant they own in Kedah, Malaysia, to make electric cars for the region. They already make Peugeot cars there, and it could be a good place to make electric cars too.

They are also setting up a training academy to help people learn about cars and services and are partnering with local companies to create new ways of getting around in Southeast Asia.

Citroën ë-C4 X

Stellantis is serious about making electric cars and wants to sell lots of them, aiming for 5 million electric cars a year by 2030. They believe in the future of electric vehicles in Southeast Asia.

Kedah’s strategic location and existing manufacturing infrastructure make it an ideal candidate for Stellantis’ entry into the Southeast Asian electric vehicle market. The region has long been associated with automotive production, offering an experienced workforce and access to vital resources. Transforming this plant into an electric vehicle production hub aligns with Stellantis’ global mission to electrify its vehicle lineup and reduce its carbon footprint.

Brands like Ram are purely left-hand drive models so could we possibly see the entry of other brands such as Dodge with the upcoming Charger EV that has Stellantis’s STLA Large platform beneath its chunky body?

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