Malaysian Man Sells His Rare Nissan Laurel C35 For Palestinian Charity

Abdul Halim Keply, a passionate car enthusiast, has embarked on a compassionate initiative to aid Palestinians affected by the prolonged Israeli attacks. According to NST, offering his rare and limited edition Nissan Laurel C35, one of only four in the country, for sale at RM65,000, Halim intends to direct the entire proceeds to support Palestinians during this challenging time.

The Nissan Laurel, a front-engine, rear-drive sedan produced by Nissan from 1969 to 2002, has a rich history. Positioned above the Datsun Bluebird 510, the Laurel provided a luxurious alternative in a smaller size. The eighth and final generation, introduced in 1997, featured reduced model options with engines like the DOHC two-litre, 2.5L six, or a 2.8L diesel six, and production ceased in 2002.

Motivated by empathy and a desire to make a tangible impact, Halim recognises the ongoing challenges faced by the people of Gaza. Beyond offering prayers, he seeks to contribute practically to alleviate the burdens of the Palestinian community. “Everybody has been praying, so I thought another thing I could do is to sell some assets to raise funds for charity,” Halim explains.

The decision to part with his cherished Nissan Laurel C35 signifies Halim’s deep commitment to humanitarian causes. The rarity of the car adds an exclusive dimension to his fundraising initiative. Halim, with the full support of his wife, aims to maximize the impact of the contribution, stating, “The proceeds from the sale will all be channeled to a Palestinian fund. That is my intention.”

Since announcing the sale on his Facebook page, Halim has received an outpouring of positive responses. Three potential buyers have already expressed interest, demonstrating the effectiveness of community-driven initiatives in garnering support for noble causes.

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