Zeekr 007 Officially Revealed With 870km Range, 636hp

Geely’s highly anticipated Zeekr 007 electric sedan has entered pre-sales in China, boasting impressive specifications and cutting-edge features. Priced at 229,900 yuan (approximately RM149k), the Zeekr 007 is set to redefine the electric sedan landscape.

Under the hood, the Zeekr 007 4WD packs a powerful punch with up to 636hp and an impressive acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.84 seconds. The entry-level variant with a single e-motor in the rear axle has 415hp that does 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds. The 007 comes with two range options: 688km (CLTC) and 870km (CLTC).

In terms of size, the mid-size electric sedan stands at 4,865 mm in length, 1,900 mm in width, and 1,450 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,928 mm, slightly bigger than a Toyota Camry. It features the innovative design language crafted by Stefan Sielaff. The distinctive Zeekr Stargate 90-inch interactive light at the front end is a highlight, capable of projecting customisable images and text. Door handles are replaced with buttons, and a roof-mounted LiDAR sensor adds to the car’s tech-savvy profile.

Inside, the Zeekr 007 offers a luxurious and tech-forward experience. Equipped with Qualcomm’s 8295 chip and a LiDAR sensor, the sedan is geared towards advanced technology integration. The 15.05-inch screen, powered by Kr GPT AI and the 8295 chip takes centre stage. The steering wheel, with a unique two-spoke design, houses the gear selector on the column. An LCD instrument panel and a 35.5-inch AR-HUD enhance the driver’s interface, complemented by a premium 7.1.4 acoustic system boasting 21 speakers.

Safety and autonomous driving capabilities are paramount in the Zeekr 007, featuring an advanced driving assist system with over 20 active safety functions. Utilising a LiDAR, 12 cameras, and an Nvidia Orin-X chip, the sedan is equipped with the NZP high-speed autonomous pilot assist, designed to operate across various terrains in China.

Built on the PMA2+ platform derived from the SEA architecture, the Zeekr 007 incorporates a high-voltage 800V platform, enabling rapid charging of 610km in just 15 minutes.

The Zeekr 007 has generated significant interest, with over 5,000 pre-orders received within the first 30 minutes of the pre-sales launch, signalling a promising start for Geely’s latest electric offering.

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