Stellantis Initiates Transformation in Peugeot Operations in Malaysia

Stellantis Group is undergoing a significant transformation in its Peugeot operations in Malaysia, shifting from its current partnership with Bermaz Auto Bhd to establish its own national sales company. Under this restructuring, Stellantis will directly handle distribution and sales in Malaysia, while Bermaz Auto Bhd’s role will be scaled down to that of a super dealer from its previous position as an exclusive distributor.

Daniel Gonzalez, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer for Asean and general distributors, is expected to make a formal announcement during a conference call. The move is described as a game-changing development, with Stellantis inviting dealer owners and principal partners to a virtual meeting to unveil the details.

Stellantis has been outlining its plans for new mobility solutions in the Asean region, with a focus on leading the shift to electrification. The group, one of the world’s largest automakers, is investing over RM2 billion (€400 million) to introduce the STLA Medium platform, a global battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform with advanced features. The move aligns with Stellantis’ global commitment to achieving net carbon zero output by 2038 and promoting sustainability.

Stellantis is evaluating the potential of its Gurun plant in Malaysia, acquired in 2021, as a regional manufacturing hub for manufacturing BEVs for both domestic and export markets in Asean. The plant currently produces key Peugeot models for distribution in the region, and the company aims to expand its growth initiatives in the area.

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