Renault Revives Iconic Twingo As An Affordable Electric Hatchback

Renault is set to revive the iconic Renault Twingo as an affordable electric vehicle (EV) hatchback. The new Twingo Legend concept, inspired by the first-generation Twingo from the 1990s, is part of Renault’s plans for a new lineup of electric cars. The company aims to produce this new Twingo as an entry-level model with a starting price of under €20,000 (RM101k).

While detailed specifications for the Twingo EV are not provided, it will be built on one of Renault’s new EV-specific platforms. The design pays homage to the original Twingo, featuring semicircle-shaped headlights and taillights and an upright two-door hatchback shape, reminiscent of the iconic 1990s model. The design not only brings back a sense of nostalgia but also promises a remarkably spacious cabin despite its compact size.

Renault’s move towards electric vehicles aligns with global trends, and the company’s plans for an affordable EV like the Twingo Legend concept could contribute to the growing popularity of electric mobility. The mention of a starting price under €20,000 suggests Renault’s commitment to making electric vehicles more accessible to a wider audience.

For our Malaysian market, where the Twingo was previously offered, the return of the model, now as an electric variant, could be of interest, especially as automotive brands are increasingly transitioning to electric and sustainable options.

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