Ambulance Seized in Perak Due to 13-Year Expired Road Tax

In a startling revelation, officers from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) in Perak seized an ambulance after discovering that its road tax had expired a staggering 13 years ago. The incident unfolded when officers from the Motorcycle Enforcement Unit (UPB) pulled over the ambulance during their patrol along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Ipoh, as detailed in a Facebook post by Perak JPJ.

Using the Smart Management Enforcement Device (SMED) for checks, officers revealed that both the license and road tax for the ambulance had expired on March 5, 2010. The gravity of the situation was further highlighted as the ambulance was in the midst of transporting a patient to Sultanah Bayrun Hospital (HRPB) when it was stopped.

In an act of urgency, the driver was instructed to first convey the patient to the hospital before bringing the ambulance to JPJ’s Perak headquarters for thorough examination. The ambulance, reportedly owned by an emergency rescue service agency, faced additional penalties, including the impoundment of the vehicle and the issuance of two compounds. The first compound was for driving without a valid road tax, and the second was for lacking insurance coverage.

This alarming incident underscores the importance of regular vehicle inspections and adherence to road regulations, particularly for emergency service vehicles tasked with ensuring public safety. The revelation has sparked concerns regarding the maintenance and oversight of crucial emergency vehicles, prompting authorities to address and rectify such oversights promptly.

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