Toyota Introduces 48V Hybrid System For 2024 Fortuner

In a testament to its renowned reliability and commitment to innovation, Toyota has recently unveiled its latest technological marvel—a groundbreaking 48V hybrid system designed for its turbo diesel-engined cars. Initially debuting in the Toyota Hilux pickup and Land Cruiser Prado SUV, the all-new 48V mild hybrid system is poised to revolutionise the driving experience. Speculations are rife that this innovative system may also find its way into the powertrain of the next-generation Toyota Fortuner.

2021 Toyota Fortuner

Toyota has taken to its official Toyota Global YouTube channel to share a comprehensive video, offering insights into the components, functionality, and the myriad benefits of this cutting-edge 48V hybrid system.

The video begins by shedding light on the system’s composition, featuring a conventional diesel engine seamlessly integrated with various components to form a cohesive unit. The 48V hybrid system is touted for its three primary advantages: delivering smoother stop-and-start experiences, enhancing fuel efficiency for diesel-powered vehicles, and maintaining exceptional water-crossing performance, bolstered by the added benefits of hybrid technology.

Breaking down the innovative system, the video identifies three core components. The first is a 48V motor/generator, ingeniously replacing the traditional alternator found in conventional vehicles. The video goes on to introduce the other integral elements—a 48V battery and a DC-DC converter. A comparative analysis with Toyota’s outgoing THS II hybrid system emphasizes the new 48V system’s compactness, superior functionality, and enhanced water-wading capacity.

Highlighting the key features, the video underscores the system’s prowess in city driving scenarios, particularly in heavy traffic where frequent stop-and-start situations are commonplace. The belt-driven 48V generator is praised for its ability to produce substantial torque, enabling faster and vibration-free engine starts, thereby improving the driving experience in congested urban environments.

2021 Toyota Fortuner

Furthermore, the video delves into the system’s contribution to improved fuel economy. By leveraging the 48V hybrid system to generate torque, it allows drivers and cars to exert less strain on the engine, ultimately boosting overall fuel efficiency. The regenerative braking feature, it explains, facilitates the recharge of the 48V battery through a combination of engine and normal braking, adding an extra layer of efficiency to the innovative system.

The video concludes by emphasising the system’s robust design, reinforced to withstand water crossings. The waterproof system is strategically placed to enhance performance during water crossings, with specific mention of the 48V motor’s placement to prevent water contact. The DC-DC converter and the 48V battery are positioned inside the cabin to further enhance water-wading capabilities. Impressively, even with this advanced hybrid system, the car maintains a remarkable 700mm water-wading capacity.

Closer to home, we have the 2.8 L Turbo Diesel Fortuner with prices starting from RM230,880 along with the 2.7 L Petrol (from RM191,880) and the 2.4 L Diesel (from RM189,880).

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