GWM Malaysia Announces Arrival of GWM ORA 07’s Performance Variant

GWM Malaysia is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated GWM ORA 07 Performance variant, marking a significant advancement in the company’s mission to provide environmentally conscious transportation solutions. This new variant seamlessly blends a sleek, stylish design with exceptional performance, setting a new benchmark for electric coupes.

Performance and Design

The GWM ORA 07 Performance variant promises an unparalleled driving experience with its impressive acceleration, reaching 0 to 100km/h in just 4.3 seconds. The car’s sophisticated design and cutting-edge features are designed to exceed customer expectations, offering both luxury and intelligence in one package.

Arrival and Availability

GWM Malaysia informs its valued customers that the first batch of the GWM ORA 07 Performance variant is expected to arrive by the end of June 2024. This timely arrival ensures that customers will soon be able to enjoy the luxurious and elegant design, along with the car’s advanced intelligent features.

Commitment to Sustainability

The introduction of the GWM ORA 07 Performance variant underscores GWM Malaysia’s commitment to sustainability and the future of eco-friendly transportation. This model represents a significant step forward in providing high-performance electric vehicles to the Malaysian market.

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