Proton S70 Gets Over 3000 Bookings!

In November 2023, Proton continued to assert its robust presence in the automotive market, achieving noteworthy sales figures. The company recorded a total registration of 12,296 units (domestic + export), securing its second position among automotive brands in a fiercely competitive market.

With a total Year-to-Date (YTD) sales figure reaching an impressive 141,900 units (Domestic: 138,876 units, Export: 3,024 units) up to November, Proton has not only surpassed the sales volume of the entire previous year but has also demonstrated a commendable 12% growth year-on-year, solidifying its market share at 19.7%.

A significant highlight for Proton in November was the launch of the Proton S70 on the 28th. The model experienced a threefold increase in bookings following its launch and price announcement. With a tagline emphasising “Intelligence that Evolves,” the Proton S70 has resonated well with consumers, surpassing 900 bookings per week. The total bookings for the S70 have already exceeded 3,000 units, showcasing its rapid popularity and alignment with the preferences of the Malaysian market.

The Proton X Series, comprising the X50, X70, and X90 models, has continued to garner praise and consumer interest. The series, known for its innovation, performance, and style, has reached a remarkable milestone of 201,710 units on the road. The Proton X50, a frontrunner in the B-segment SUV category, contributed significantly to November’s success with 2,115 units sold, bringing the total since launch to 102,325 units. The X70, a robust contender in the C SUV segment, maintained its strong market standing with 95,100 units sold since launch. The X90, introduced less than a year ago, has established itself as a leader in the D SUV segment, with 4,285 units in sales, further contributing to the overall success of the X Series.

Proton’s PIES models (Saga, Iriz, Persona, Exora) have played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, recording a substantial 34.3% growth compared to YTD 2022. The Proton Saga, in particular, demonstrated enduring popularity, securing the highest sales with 6,349 units sold in November, marking the second-highest for the year.

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