Honda HR-V Owner Praises Honda Malaysia for Thorough Repair Process

A Honda HR-V owner, who encountered issues with her car at a Honda service centre in Terengganu, has confirmed the return of her SUV in impeccable condition following a thorough inspection and repair process.

The owner disclosed that her SUV was returned to her last Monday after undergoing a 16-day assessment at Honda Malaysia to identify the root cause of the problems she had experienced.

According to her, Honda conducted a comprehensive examination of her car and determined that the misaligned headlights, flashing dashboard indicator lights, and activated emergency lights were attributed to a malfunction in the light sensor.

Despite harbouring hopes for a replacement vehicle, she accepted the decision with understanding after engaging in extensive discussions with Honda representatives.

Moreover, she requested a week-long test drive period from Honda following the repairs. She expressed satisfaction with Honda’s assurance that the identified issue would not recur, emphasising that the company maintained regular communication with her to provide updates on the progress of her car’s repairs.

She also extended her heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDN) and netizens who offered assistance and support throughout the ordeal. She underscored the significance of the Honda HR-V, which symbolises the dedication and hard work invested by both her and her husband in their business ventures.

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