Abarth Unveils High-Performance Fiat 600e: The Scorpionissima Edition

Abarth, renowned for its high-performance vehicles, has unleashed a tuned-up version of the electric Fiat 600e, showcasing a significant boost in power and a more aggressive aesthetic.

Displayed in its striking Scorpionissima launch edition guise, the electrifying Fiat 600e has captured attention after being spotted during a commercial shoot, with just 1949 units slated for production.

Although technical details such as drive configuration and battery specifications remain under wraps, the electric 600e promises to deliver thrills with a mechanical limited-slip differential and an impressive power output of 240hp.

This power surge establishes the 600e as the most potent Abarth ever crafted, boasting a formidable 84hp increase over its Fiat counterpart.

Fiat 600e

While maintaining the potential for electrifying performance, the 600e may inherit its battery from the Fiat donor car, equipped with a 54kWh nickel manganese cobalt lithium-ion unit. However, due to the higher-output motors, a slight reduction in range is anticipated compared to the Fiat 600e’s 400km range on the WLTP cycle.

Collaborating with Formula E supplier Hankook, Abarth equips the 600e with specially developed “high-performance” tyres aimed at delivering optimal grip and superior racing dynamics across various conditions.

In terms of aesthetics, Abarth ensures the 600e stands out from its Fiat counterpart. The Scorpionissima edition boasts an exclusive Hypnotic Purple paint finish, while the entire Abarth 600e lineup features an assertive body kit, distinguishing it as a performance-oriented machine.

Accentuating its sporty persona, the Scorpionissima model includes an enlarged spoiler atop the tailgate, hinting at increased track width. Additionally, the 20-inch wheels are fitted to accommodate an extensive braking system.

Owners of the Scorpionissima edition will receive an authenticity certificate, underscoring the exclusivity and pedigree of this electrifying Abarth creation.

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