Tesla Cybertrucks Start To Rust after Exposure to Rain?

Reports from some Tesla Cybertruck owners have emerged, suggesting that their vehicles are showing signs of rust after exposure to rain. On the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, a member shared their experience of picking up their truck on February 1st, accompanied by a warning from an advisor about potential rusting issues due to rain. The forum post highlighted concerns about rust development, which seemingly contradicted the expectation of rust resistance associated with stainless steel, the material used for the Cybertruck’s body.

He further noted that their Cybertruck began exhibiting rust spots after just two days of exposure to rain. Photos shared by the user purportedly depicted small rust specks on the stainless-steel body.

According to Mead Metals, a metal services company based in Minnesota, stainless steel can indeed rust under specific environmental conditions, primarily as a result of water exposure but also due to contact with harmful chemicals, saline solutions, grease, or prolonged heat exposure.

Another forum member recounted a similar experience after encountering rain in Los Angeles. They detailed bringing their Cybertruck to a Tesla service centre for inspection, where corrosion was documented, and assurances were made regarding repair options.

Elon Musk’s earlier claims about the Cybertruck’s durability, including being literally bulletproof due to its ultrahard stainless-steel body, were contrasted by these reports of rusting issues.

In September, Musk hinted at a potential solution by offering a tungsten-carbide coating option to Cybertruck owners, a ceramic material touted for its corrosion resistance and scratch-proof properties.

Videos claiming to reveal excerpts from the Cybertruck owner’s manual, not yet publicly released by Tesla, shed light on the absence of a clear coat on the vehicle’s exterior stainless-steel body. The manual emphasises the importance of promptly removing corrosive substances to prevent exterior damage, indicating the need for proactive maintenance to preserve the Cybertruck’s appearance.

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