Singapore Authorities Vigilant Against Illegal Cross-Border Services

Singapore’s Transport Minister, Chee Hong Tat, emphasised that foreign drivers and foreign-registered vehicles must possess a valid license before engaging in cross-border services. This requirement aims to safeguard passengers, as licensed drivers must maintain valid insurance coverage for passengers, as reported by FMT.

Chee praised Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) for intercepting four drivers attempting illegal cross-border operations and urged the LTA to maintain a strong stance against such activities, including conducting undercover operations to apprehend violators. He cautioned potential offenders, highlighting the risk of encountering undercover LTA officers during illegal operations.

The LTA reiterated its commitment to addressing such offences, emphasising the risks involved in using unauthorised services. In addition to their illegality, vehicles utilised in these services may lack adequate insurance coverage for passengers, posing significant risks in case of accidents.

Drivers found providing illegal hire-and-reward services, including cross-border operations without a valid public service vehicle license, face severe penalties. These penalties include fines of up to S$3,000 (RM10,680), imprisonment for up to six months, or both. Furthermore, the vehicles used for such illegal activities may be subject to forfeiture, as per the LTA’s statement.

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