PM Open to Renegotiating Toll Concessions for Kuala Lumpur Highways

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that toll concessions for highways in the Kuala Lumpur area could potentially be renegotiated in the future, once the country’s financial situation sees improvement.

According to FMT, Anwar concurred with the sentiment that there are currently too many toll plazas surrounding the federal capital. He acknowledged that if the government were to abolish tolls, compensation would be required for the concessionaires. Presently, contractual obligations with these concessionaires are binding, but Anwar expressed optimism that renegotiations could occur once the nation’s financial strength is bolstered.

Anwar addressed toll-related matters as inherited challenges from previous administrations during a dialogue session at a Madani Rakyat fair. He referenced ongoing negotiations initiated by the government on November 17 with highway concessionaires to restructure tolls for 19 highways.

Abdul Rahman Mohamad, the former deputy works minister, had previously stated that the 19 highways under negotiation included those managed by various entities such as Amanat Lebuhraya Rakyat, Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings, IJM Corporation, Anih Bhd, and PLUS Malaysia, encompassing a range of key expressways in the Kuala Lumpur region.

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