Goodyear to Cease Operations at Shah Alam Plant by End of 2024

In a momentous strategic maneuver under its “Goodyear Forward” transformation blueprint, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has unveiled plans for the complete shutdown of its Shah Alam facility in Malaysia by the close of 2024. This decisive action, affecting 550 positions, heralds a pivotal change in the company’s footprint in Malaysia and sparks inquiries into the future trajectory of its 180 Goodyear AutoCare outlets nationwide.

Established in 1972, the Shah Alam factory has stood as a cornerstone of Goodyear’s Malaysian operations, embodying a longstanding dedication to the local economy and automotive sector. However, its impending closure mirrors the overarching strategy delineated in the “Goodyear Forward” agenda, geared towards achieving annualised cost savings of $1.0 billion by 2025. This strategic roadmap encompasses shedding the Dunlop brand and rationalising the company’s global presence to bolster shareholder returns and fortify competitiveness within the sector.

The shuttering of the Shah Alam facility presents formidable hurdles for the local labour force, with approximately 550 employees confronting uncertain prospects. Goodyear has pledged to navigate this transition with dignity and transparency for affected personnel. Nevertheless, the broader ramifications for the local populace and the viability of Goodyear’s AutoCare network in Malaysia hang in the balance, eliciting apprehensions regarding the enduring economic repercussions on the region.

The verdict to terminate operations at the Shah Alam plant mirrors a broader pattern of global restructuring within the tire manufacturing domain, driven by imperatives to adapt to shifting market dynamics and technological progressions. As Goodyear charts this transformative trajectory, stakeholders within the automotive landscape will keenly monitor the fallout from these strategic moves. The closure not only signifies the denouement of an epoch for Goodyear in Malaysia but also underscores a pivot towards a more agile and targeted approach to its global endeavours.

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