Jaecoo Malaysia to Set Standards for Off-Road Performance

The C-segment SUV market in Malaysia is experiencing a notable expansion, marked by a diverse array of offerings ranging from entry-level to premium variants. Amidst this landscape, Jaecoo emerges as a premium off-road SUV brand, targeting Malaysia’s burgeoning urban elite with a penchant for off-road adventures.

Leo Chen, President of Jaecoo Malaysia, highlights the brand’s favourable reception in the Malaysian market, attributing it to the resonance of Jaecoo’s ethos with the preferences of Malaysia’s emerging trailblazers. These individuals prioritise active lifestyles and seek vehicles capable of delivering exceptional off-road performance across various terrains.

Capitalising on the continuous growth of Malaysia’s middle class and the expansion of the digital economy, Jaecoo aims to capture this market segment. This strategic approach aligns with broader trends observed across the ASEAN region, as evidenced by the insights presented in the 2023 ASEAN Investment Report.

Jaecoo strategically focuses on global trends favouring comfort, safety features, higher ground clearance, robustness, and off-road capabilities in SUVs. These factors are anticipated to shape the future trajectory of the SUV market, significantly influencing consumer preferences.

The highly anticipated J7, Jaecoo’s flagship premium off-road SUV, is scheduled for launch in the first half of 2024. Reflecting the brand’s ethos of adventure and resilience, the J7 boasts distinctive design elements such as warship-inspired door handles, a panoramic sunroof, and a fighter jet-inspired gear shifter, exuding refined style and sophistication.

Safety remains a top priority for Jaecoo, evident in the J7’s integration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) featuring up to 21 smart driving functions. Notable features include a windshield head-up display (W-HUD) with a built-in front dashcam, ambient lighting, wireless charging, and other luxurious amenities, ensuring a harmonious blend of safety and opulence for discerning customers.

The public are invited to preview the J7 at the Jaecoo Premiere Experience from 10:00am to 10:00pm at the following locations:

  • Desa Park City, K.L: 7th to 17th March 2024
  • Pavilion Bukit Jalil, K.L: 19th to 23rd March 2024
  • One Utama, P.J: 10th to 14th April 2024
  • Mid Valley, K.L: 25th to 28th April 2024
  • Paradigm Mall, JB: 15th to 19th May 2024

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