Isuzu Unveils Electric D-Max Ute Concept for Australia

Isuzu has announced the forthcoming arrival of the electric D-Max ute in Australia, introducing the ‘D-Max EV concept’ ahead of the Bangkok International Motor Show. This concept serves as a preview of the production ‘D-Max BEV’ model scheduled to launch in mainland Europe in 2025, with an anticipated arrival in Australia around 2026.

Based on the current D-Max ute introduced in 2020, the EV concept boasts a 66.9kWh lithium-ion battery, full-time 4X4 capability, dual electric motors generating 174hp and 325Nm, a 1,000kg payload capacity, and a 3,500kg braked towing capacity. It achieves a maximum speed of over 130km/h.

While specific technical details such as driving range and charging speed are yet to be confirmed, Isuzu emphasises that the D-Max BEV maintains the rugged performance expected of pickup trucks, excelling on rough terrain with a smooth, linear acceleration characteristic of electric vehicles.

The D-Max BEV is set to launch in select mainland European markets in 2025 before expanding to Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and other regions based on market demand and EV charging infrastructure readiness.

The design of the D-Max EV concept mirrors the facelifted diesel model, featuring a closed-off grille, darkened headlights with blue accents, and distinct alloy wheels.

Isuzu president Shinsuke Minami reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to developing a battery-electric ute, recognising the necessity to comply with emissions regulations, including Australia’s proposed New Vehicle Emissions Standard (NVES).

Isuzu Ute Australia acknowledged the challenges in transitioning to low- and zero-emission vehicles, particularly in creating models that are both cost-effective and suitable for Australian requirements, such as long-distance travel, heavy loads, and towing capacities. They echoed industry sentiments to classify large 4X4 SUVs as light-commercial vehicles to address emissions targets effectively.

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