Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II: A Twin-Turbo 6.75-litre V12 Living on Borrowed Time

Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Cullinan Series II, building on the success of its predecessor since its initial launch in 2018. While the Cullinan has been known for its off-road capabilities, the Series II iteration aims to cater to an increasingly urban demographic, incorporating elements of self-driving technology and appealing to a younger clientele.

The exterior design of the Cullinan Series II reflects a modern urban aesthetic, with a focus on clean lines and verticality. The front features a new lamp treatment, emphasising tall daytime running light graphics inspired by illuminated skyscrapers. The illuminated pantheon grille, a first for the Cullinan, adds to its commanding presence on the road.

In profile, the Series II boasts subtle changes to the surfacing, including a new feature line leading from the taillight to the rear wheel, creating a sense of movement. The addition of upsized 23-inch wheels further enhances the SUV’s stance.

A new paint finish called Emperador Truffle, inspired by brown marble, adds a contemporary touch to the exterior.

Inside, the Cullinan Series II features a pillar-to-pillar glass-panel fascia in the upper portion of the dashboard, housing digital displays and incorporating advanced technology like the SPIRIT operating system.

Connectivity has been enhanced throughout the vehicle, with features such as the Whispers app for remote vehicle management and rear seat infotainment with streaming capabilities. Additionally, the Cullinan Series II introduces Bluetooth headphone pairing for the rear seat entertainment system.

For those seeking a more dynamic interpretation of the Cullinan, the Black Badge Cullinan Series II is available at launch. It features a distinct front-end treatment with a darkened grille and blacked-out exterior elements. The interior of the Black Badge variant maintains the dark ambience, with darkened metal finishes and a unique Clock Cabinet featuring an up-lit Spirit of Ecstasy figurine.

Under the hood, both the standard Cullinan and Black Badge Cullinan Series II are powered by the same twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V12 engine, delivering 600PS and 900Nm of torque. However, Rolls-Royce has indicated that the days of the V12 engine are numbered, with a commitment to transitioning to electric power by 2030.

The Cullinan Series II represents a bold evolution of the iconic luxury SUV, combining modern design, advanced technology, and uncompromising performance.

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