Reviving Legends: The Bentley Speed Six Continuation Series

The iconic Bentley Speed Six, a legendary model that left an indelible mark on automotive history, is making a triumphant return after 93 years. Mulliner, Bentley’s prestigious in-house bespoke and coachbuilding division, is meticulously crafting the first customer Speed Six in decades, marking a historic moment for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This extraordinary endeavour represents a harmonious collaboration between British engineering and restoration specialists, along with Mulliner’s team of master technicians. Twelve Continuation Series Speed Sixes are set to be meticulously built, adhering to period-correct materials and techniques to ensure absolute fidelity to W.O. Bentley’s original design.

Following the successful completion of twelve Bentley 4½ Litre Supercharged ‘Blower’ Continuation models, the Speed Six Continuation Series represents a continuation of Bentley’s commitment to preserving its rich heritage. All twelve models have already been pre-sold, reflecting the immense anticipation and demand among discerning collectors. Customers have the opportunity to specify their vehicles from a selection of period-correct finishes and materials, ensuring each Speed Six is a bespoke masterpiece.

The meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating the Speed Six Continuation Series is nothing short of extraordinary. Each vehicle is meticulously crafted using tools, materials, and techniques reminiscent of W.O. Bentley’s original vision. From the precision-engineered chassis to the hand-crafted bodywork, every aspect of the Speed Six pays homage to Bentley’s illustrious legacy.

The journey begins with Portobello Engineering in Matlock, meticulously crafting the chassis legs and crossmembers according to the original engineering drawings. Meanwhile, Lomax Coachbuilders in Ludlow meticulously handcrafts the ash frame for the Speed Six body using traditional coachbuilding tools and techniques. Once united with the chassis at Mulliner workshops, the body is clad in period-correct Rexine fabric to create the iconic Weymann-style open tourer bodywork.

The attention to detail extends to every component of the Speed Six, including the vintage-design headlamps crafted by Vintage Headlamp Restoration International Ltd and the classic car radiators expertly manufactured by The Vintage Car Radiator Company. Kingsbury Racing Shop Limited, in collaboration with Tom Dark Engineering, fabricates over 600 individual parts for the new 6½ Litre race specification engine, meticulously recreating the advanced design of the original Speed Six engine.


The Speed Six Continuation Series takes inspiration from two original Speed Sixes: the company’s own Speed Six, GU409, and ‘Old Number 3’, a works Speed Six driven in the 1930 Le Mans 24 Hour race. These iconic models provided invaluable data on dimensions, materials, and components, ensuring the utmost authenticity in the Continuation Series.

The Speed Six’s illustrious racing pedigree, including its historic victories at the Le Mans 24 Hour race, underscores its legendary status in Bentley’s rich heritage. With its unparalleled combination of speed, performance, and elegance, the Speed Six Continuation Series pays homage to a timeless icon that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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