Nissan Confirms Next-Generation GT-R and Z Sports Cars

Nissan enthusiasts can rejoice as the iconic GT-R and Z sports cars are set to continue into the next generation, according to announcements made at the 2024 New York auto show by Nissan executives Ponz Pandikuthira and Alfonso Albaisa.

The R35 GT-R, which has been in production for 16 years, is nearing the end of its lifecycle with special editions marking its departure. Pandikuthira confirmed that the next-generation GT-R will prioritise authenticity, remaining true to its roots as a high-performance track-bred vehicle. While details on the powertrain for the next GT-R are yet to be finalised, Formula E serves as a testing ground for its development, showcasing Nissan’s commitment to electric vehicle technology.

Albaisa hinted at the design direction for the upcoming GT-R, suggesting that it will retain key elements like seating for four and a menacing aesthetic, while also exploring innovative styling cues. The design team at Nissan is currently exploring various concepts for the R36 GT-R, including reimagining signature features like the quad-taillight design.

Regarding the Z lineup, Pandikuthira assured that the current model will continue to meet emissions regulations for the foreseeable future, allowing Nissan time to develop the next iteration. Albaisa emphasised the importance of breaking from tradition with the new Z, either by embracing the spirit of the original 240Z or by introducing a progressive design that sets it apart from its predecessors.

Nissan remains committed to evolving its sports car lineup, ensuring that future generations of the GT-R and Z stay true to their heritage while embracing innovation and performance.

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