Bugatti says The Bolide Would Pull Away From an F1 Car – 1600PS, 380km/h Top Speed

The Bugatti Bolide represents a significant departure from the brand’s usual approach, focusing not only on speed but also on circuit dominance and accessibility. Engineered with input from motorsport legend Andy Wallace and incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Bolide invites drivers of all levels to push their limits on the track.

At the heart of the Bolide is Bugatti’s legendary 1,600PS 8.0-litre W16 turbocharged engine, housed within an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre composite monocoque developed with Dallara to meet stringent FIA requirements. The seating position, inspired by extreme race cars, instills confidence and precision in drivers.

The Bolide’s Brembo braking system, developed over two years, matches the performance of top-tier motorsport machinery. Extensive testing and simulation have fine-tuned its aerodynamics, generating significant downforce and ensuring unparalleled traction and grip with all-wheel drive and high-performance tyres.

With a top speed of 380km/h in low-downforce configuration, the Bolide rivals Formula 1 cars on the straights. However, its focus on cornering, traction, and braking makes it perfectly suited to circuit driving, delivering precision and agility through every turn. “The feeling when you come out of a corner, press the throttle, and experience that relentless surge of power is incomparable. You come out of that corner at 100km/h, and from there to 200km/h and then 300km/h is an absolute revelation. In that specific scenario, the Bolide would pull away from a Formula 1 car,” said Bugatti Pilote Officiel and legendary Triple Crown winner, Andy Wallace.

Bugatti’s commitment to quality extends to the Bolide’s interior, offering amenities like air conditioning and ergonomic seating for driver comfort during exhilarating laps.

Having completed its testing phase, the Bugatti Bolide is now ready for series production, with the first customer deliveries expected in the coming months.

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