Chery Malaysia Provides Update on Chery Omoda 5 Brake Investigation

Chery Auto Malaysia has provided an update to customers and the public regarding a viral complaint (6 April 2024) circulating online from a Chery Omoda 5 customer. Since the initial report on 6 April 2024, Chery’s customer care team has maintained close communication with the customer, providing regular updates while their skilled technical team conducted a comprehensive investigation into her car’s alleged faulty brakes.

In addition to the internal investigation, the car was sent to Puspakom for an impartial assessment. At Puspakom, a thorough 10-point inspection, including a brake test, was conducted to evaluate various aspects such as efficiency, dynamic imbalance, run-out, residual force, and parking brake performance, ensuring optimal braking capability.

Reports state that all inspections carried out by both Chery Auto Malaysia’s team and Puspakom have yielded no adverse findings. The results confirm that the car is indeed safe, and the brake system meets satisfactory standards, as indicated in the Puspakom test result. The customer has been duly informed of these results, and the team has provided her with a comprehensive report detailing the findings of all inspections conducted.

Chery Group, including Chery Auto Malaysia, places the utmost priority on safety. Their commitment to delivering products of the highest standards is evident in the rigorous testing and quality control measures implemented before distributing vehicles to customers worldwide. The Chery Omoda 5, introduced globally in April 2023, has seen substantial success, with over 130,000 units sold (excluding China) up to March 2024.

In Malaysia, the Chery Omoda 5 has received accolades such as the Editor’s Choice Best Mid-Size Crossover/SUV award from The Star’s Carsifu, the Best 5-seater SUV from Carlist Malaysia, and the prestigious Outstanding Warranty Award from Malaysia International Moto Expo 2023. These recognitions underscore Chery’s commitment to providing high-quality vehicles that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

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