Continental Tyres Launches High Performance Sporty Tyre Tailored for Asia Pacific Drivers

Continental Tyres has introduced the MaxContact MC7 tyre, a high-performance tyre designed to meet the needs of drivers in the Asia Pacific region. Developed by a team of engineers and material experts, the MC7 offers precise steering, dynamic handling, and maximum control for urban driving.

The MC7 prioritises control and stability, enabling drivers to make sharper turns and navigate corners with confidence. The Cornering Macroblocks and ReFlex Compound work together to maximise the contact area with the road, ensuring a stable and controlled drive.

Safety is a key focus of the MaxContact MC7, particularly in wet weather conditions common in the APAC region. The tyre features 3D Laser-cut Sipes for enhanced grip and braking performance on wet roads, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The silica technology in the ReFlex compound improves braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces.

Additionally, the MaxContact MC7 offers a quieter driving experience, thanks to the upgraded Two-in-1 Noise Breaker 3.0, which minimises sound waves and reduces noise in the car cabin.

The MaxContact MC7 is part of Continental’s Gen7 product lineup, representing the latest generation of tyre technologies tailored for APAC drivers. Available in sizes ranging from 16” to 21”, the MC7 is designed to provide exceptional performance and driving experiences for customers across the region.

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