Villagers Propose Dirt Road as Alternative Route to Ease North-South Expressway Congestion

Residents of Kampung Baru Palawan near Langkap have put forward a solution to alleviate traffic congestion on the North-South Expressway, especially during festive periods. They suggest utilising the “jalan tikus” (dirt road) in Ladang Bikam as an alternative route for highway users, as reported by The Star.

Lee Kim Chin, 65, who assisted motorists in navigating the Ladang Bikam dirt road during the fourth day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, highlighted its potential to shorten the journey to Kuala Lumpur. He explained that travellers only need to cover a distance of about three kilometres before reaching the main road in Kuala Bikam, heading south.

Lee expressed the villagers’ willingness to open up the trail, which is typically used by lorries, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and motorcycles, despite its sandy and rocky terrain.

Another villager recounted how they observed many vehicles turning back during the congestion and decided to intervene. Using a backhoe belonging to a friend, they levelled the route with sand, albeit temporarily, as continuous maintenance was required to keep it passable.

They emphasised that the villagers’ act of assistance, which gained attention on social media, transcended racial boundaries and was motivated solely by the spirit of unity and goodwill. He stressed the importance of Malaysians coming together to support one another for the collective well-being of society.

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