Kia Unveils Australia-Inspired Camouflage for the Tasman Pickup Truck

Kia has unveiled a striking Australia-inspired camouflage wrap for its upcoming pickup truck, the Kia Tasman. Named after the rugged and adventurous spirit of Tasmania, the southernmost island of Australia, the Tasman pickup embodies Kia’s dedication to design innovation and exploration.

Created in collaboration with renowned artist Richard Boyd-Dunlop from Australia and New Zealand, the unique wrap, themed around ‘The Path Never Taken,’ reflects the Tasman’s adventurous nature. Inspired by the diverse landscapes of Australia, the graphics depict a journey along the coast and through the outback, drawing on Boyd-Dunlop’s own experiences hitching rides in pickup trucks across the country.

The concept of ‘The Path Never Taken’ encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the Kia Tasman, encouraging customers to explore new landscapes and experiences with a vehicle that prioritises reliability and performance. Through this theme, the Tasman aims to lead drivers toward unknown and breathtaking destinations.

Known for his distinctive artistic style, Boyd-Dunlop’s design for the Kia Tasman camouflage wrap blends elements of land and sea, combining the fiery hues of the outback with commanding blues inspired by Australia’s surf culture.

Scheduled for debut in 2025, the Tasman represents Kia’s first foray into the C-segment pickup truck market. Its launch will be phased globally, with key markets including Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to its utility as a work-oriented pickup, the Tasman is designed to meet diverse personal needs, catering to demanding lifestyles and supporting extreme leisure activities.

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