Rec Watches 98T/4: A Timepiece Tribute to Ayrton Senna and Lotus’ Iconic Formula 1 Era

The Rec Watches 98T/4 timepiece is a stunning tribute to the iconic black and gold John Player Special Formula 1 cars campaigned by Lotus, particularly the Lotus 98T chassis number 4 driven by Aryton Senna in the 1986 season. Crafted in collaboration with Classic Team Lotus, this limited-edition watch encapsulates the spirit of that legendary era in motorsport.

The watch features a striking black and gold colour scheme reminiscent of the iconic JPS livery. Constructed primarily from stainless steel, it incorporates reforged aluminium from the car’s original plenum tubes into the Chapter Ring surrounding the dial, adding a tangible connection to the historic F1 machine. The top glass is crafted from sapphire crystal for durability, while the leather strap ensures comfort and style. With a water resistance rating of 100 meters, it’s a timepiece designed for enthusiasts both on and off the track.

Limited to just 989 examples, each watch is priced at $3,995 (RM19,048), with pre-order buyers receiving a discounted price of $3,195 (RM15,233). However, eager collectors will need to exercise patience as the watches won’t be available until March 2025. Despite the wait, the demand for these pieces of F1 history is high, with the majority of the limited production already spoken for. As of April 26, only 173 pre-orders remain available, making it imperative for enthusiasts to act swiftly to secure their piece of racing heritage.

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